Learn how the stars got their first big movie break

Are you wondering how you can get into the movies?

Here is what has been said on about MyBigMovieBreak.com in the past

  • “I think what you are offering the potential audience is a total game changer to a million plus kids who want to make it in Hollywood.  Good for you.”
    ~Paul Fisher – Star “Remodeled” TV Show
  • “Congratulations on such a winning concept and we look forward to promoting MBMB to the Glamour Lifestyle Industry.”

    ~Carl R.Dunn, CEO
    Pageantry, Talent, and Entertainment Services, Inc
    Pageantry magazine, PromTime magazine
  • “I’ve been in the industry all my life…I love it when underdogs actually are helped because this business can be daunting sometimes. Your plan should do well. Bravo!”

    ~Eric Roberts – Actor
  • “MBMB is an excellent outlet and opportunity for up and coming hungry creative types to let their imaginations run wild and their talents rise to the top.”

    ~Dee Bozarth, Producer/Director
    CampHopeTV Series 
  • “Believe. Believe in your dream and others will believe in you! Be part of an amazing opportunity that will help!!”

    ~Thomas J. Churchill, producer/director
    Church Hill Productions
  • “An incredibly great concept and unique opportunity to invest in your own talent and career!”

    ~Jimmy Star, The Jimmy Star Show
  • “Are you ready to reveal your talents? No matter what your talent is, we all have the opportunity to shine. Join MBMB for that chance!”

    ~ Frances Williams, Makeup Artist
  • “I really think the MBMB concept is an incredible opportunity and great way to help the entertainment community!”

    ~ Henry Geddes, Founder Splashlight Studios
  • “This is brilliant, what a simple and yet excellent idea.  Wish I had this tool when I was starting out in the industry”.

    ~ Jeff Moldovan …stuntman, actor, writer, producer…
  • “When Jeff Vanderpol initially told me of this project and his aspiration for a reality series capturing the making of the film, my eyes widened with excitement!  As a longtime producer of reality TV, I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the prospect of producing this series.  Drama, laughter, education, excitement…”

    ~Blaine Pate – TV Producer
  • “I applaud your creativity, your innovation, and your timing.  Take the shot, people….in this business, you have to make due on every opportunity you get, and this is a good one.”

    ~Jeff Bowler – TV and Movie Producer / Writer / Director
  • “You have an incredible thing going here and I wish you huge success.”

    ~Kimberly Williams – State Director Miss California Royal Galaxy Pageants
  • “What a unique opportunity! Who hasn’t thought about becoming a movie star or thought about what it would be like to be in a movie? Well….here’s your chance and it very well may be the chance that get’s your foot in the door to bigger and better opportunities.”

    ~Ray Cook – Background Actor for Conan the Barbarian 3D
  • “Love this concept. It’s an exciting way to tap into your dream profession. I wish these sort of opportunities existed when I was trying to get into film.”

    ~Shaun Smith – Makeup and Creature Effects Team Supervisor for 300, Conan the Barbarian
  • “My Big Movie Break has got to be one of the most exciting things I have ever been involved with.  The potential for this project is tremendous.”

    ~Susan Pardee – International Director Royal Galaxy Pageants
  • “My Big Movie Break literally takes the “permission to create” out of the hands of Big Company Accountants and puts it back where it needs to be … in the realm of the Story Tellers.”

    ~ Michael Ironside – Actor / Producer / Writer
  • “All anyone can ask for is a Shot at doing what you’d like to manifest in life, your God given ability of Greatness … My Big Movie Break can and will give the world that once in a lifetime opportunity.”







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